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Savitaben and her husband own a tea stall in Bilpad, Gujrat. They sell morning snacks, tea, and other food items. Along with running the tea stall, Savitaben ventured into her own business of making farsaan snacks. Savitaben’s shop has become famous in the locality for its unique taste and quality.

Savitaben took a loan from IIFL Samasta in 2018 and used it to buy ingredients to make more snacks and expand the range of products. She started getting many orders for snacks and used subsequent loans from IIFL Samasta to buy ingredients in bulk and ensure timely delivery. Today, she sells around 30 varieties of snacks and has a constant income to support her family.

Earlier, life was not this smooth for the couple. They have a daughter and a son. Their daughter is married and the son had to discontinue his studies due to difficulties at home. Now with a steady income from her business, Savitaben hopes her son will complete his graduation and have a secure future.

Savitaben is happy with where she is today. She proudly says, “more than the success of this business, the self-confidence that I gained over these years matters a lot. I have not studied much and I always feared whether I would succeed or not. But, at the same time, I also knew that sitting idle would not help us improve our situation. That is how I ventured into this business.”

Savitaben is excited when speaking about her association with IIFL Samasta. “IIFL Samasta has always treated me like a valued customer and supports me in the loan process. They encourage me to grow my business and my experience with each staff in IIFL Samasta has always been very good.”
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