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With the launch of a financial literacy center at Purulia in West Bengal, IIFL Samasta has embarked on a journey to teach women about the importance of tracking business and household income, spending as well as saving and budgeting.      

After attending the classes, IIFL Samasta customer, Mamoni Kundu, said she has now learnt to track her income and expenses. “I love the financial diary. I never used to track my expenses. But, after attending IIFL Samasta’s training I have realised how important it is to maintain a track of my financial activities. As I maintain the financial diary, I observe that I have been spending money on unnecessary things.”

At the financial literacy center, many women like Mamoni are learning about the basics of financial planning. Topics covered during the program include income, expenditure, loans and investments, importance of savings, budgeting, types of banks, types of bank accounts, how to open a bank account, how to use a ATM card and how to calculate interest.

“The program gave me a clear understanding of how to manage my money irrespective of how much I earn. The lessons learned will be crucial in helping me build a stable financial system for my family. I will be able to spend my money wisely now,” Mamoni said.

Mamoni proudly said that she applied for a ATM card and used it to withdraw money. “I wouldn’t have done it without encouragement from IIFL Samasta,” she said.
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